Please click the logo to upload your files
24 or 32bit/44.1kHz or higher (as dynamic as possible)
Files must be labelled


All listed prices are excl. VAT.
If you are EU customer with a valid EU VAT ID or based outside the EU you don’t need to pay VAT.
German Customers & EU customers without EU VAT ID +19% VAT.
Payment must be done 100% in advance.
Bank transfer or PayPal (+3% handling fee) is accepted.

Process Time

Turnaround time is 7-10 days starting when the invoice is sent.
Express Orders (24-48 hours) are +25% on the final fee.
In all cases password will be sent when invoice is paid.
Including 2 revisions for free if needed.

The mastering process explained

1. Get in contact with me so we can discuss everything (phone or eMail)
2. Upload your track(s) on my Wetransfer Plus account (maybe with 1-2 references)
3. Please write your invoice details (+vat id) into the text field of Wetransfer
4. Please write if you need the express delivery (24-48 hours) (+25% on the final fee)
5. If you need to edit something i will tell you (to get a better final result)
6. I will then master your track(s)
7. You will receive your processed file(s) via Wetransfer link + the invoice via email
8. After payment is done and booked you will receive the needed password from my office for the download
9. Download and give me feedback when you listened (2 revisions are for free)

Addional checklist for mixing
1. All your stems must be named (please do not name them audio 01, etc.)
2. Send them all in one upload to have the best overview
3. If you are not sure about FX, send them dry & wet.
4. Use the same resolution as you recorded and produced them
5. Please send all stems from start to end (same length)
6. Never normalize the stems
7. Send 1-2 reference tracks