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About Me
I was born in 1981 in Coburg, Germany. In 1997 i started building up my first studio as a 16 year old teenager. My first encounter with electronic music was while listening to Evosonic Radio. 1999 i started djing worldwide & played techno with almost all the big names in the business until 2011. Meanwhile Perla Audio was founded in 2004 & i became a freelancer. From 2005 – 2011 i also worked as label A&R for my own label and for instance Pig&Dan’s label (thats is now called Elevate). I moved to the district of Bamberg in 2011 and builded up my mastering studio. Until now!

About Perla Audio
Perla Audio is based in Germany close to Bamberg & specialized on all electronic music genres. Established since 2004 my mixed & mastered tracks are sent to producers, artists and labels worldwide. Experience is my key to a successful final product in which you will hear my personal touch along with the matching character i try to put into all of my works. I deliver right on time (without delays), maintain the industry standards & focus to build a professional but relaxed collaboration with you. I try to find the „sweet spot“ in every process & get the really best out of your delivered material(s).

How i see my business
Loudness of records are still important but happily it gets less.
The loudest is not always right. I try to get the artists (i am working with) better & better. An honest relation is very significant. Also i evolve with every mixing or mastering i am doing. How life, music is a lifetime learning process which will never be finished. The last % are the hardest. But this keeps me going on and on and on and on.