Stereo Mastering (In The Box + Analog Chain)
65,- € / track

Stereo Mastering (In The Box Only)
40,- € / track

Stem Mastering (In The Box + Analog Chain)
105,- € / stem (up to 6 stems)

Additional Version
free of charge / track (same settings as original)

Vinyl Master
+ 12,- € / track

Every Project is different …
Talking about fixed prices is really difficult because every mix is unique. Some mixes need more treatment and time than others.
These days, budgets are often small – but maybe we can find a solution to get your mix sounding professional with an eye to the defined budget.

My rates are starting at 100€ (cleaning up the mix).

For an exact matter of expense please send your rough mix plus some references as mp3 or wav/aiff.

Attended Session
95,- € / hour

DDP Image
40,- € / + 2 €  each track

Apple Digital Master (MfiT)
+ 12,- € / track (official & certified provider by Apple)

Mixing Review
Free for a booked session or 25,- € / track

All listed prices are excl. VAT.
If you are EU customer with a valid EU VAT ID or based outside the EU you don’t need to pay VAT.
German Customers & EU customers without EU VAT ID +19% VAT.
You will receive the password for your download after payment is done.
Bank transfer or PayPal (+3% handling fee) is accepted.