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Perla Audio is run by Markus Gaetano Mueller who was born in 1981 in Germany. His interest in music and sounddesign lead him to producing and djing. He also worked as A&R for some well-known labels on the market for many years. After this phase of his life he decided to go into the professional field of mixing & mastering - and there he found his passion - giving the music his feeling and character. Markus is specialised on all genres of electronic music and modern pop styles. His mixes and masters constantly reach Top20 charts (like on Beatport etc). His experience and ears are two of his major tools to treat your music to the highest level. Perla Audio also features high-end gear and excellent acoustic environment. "I like to work in close cooperation with my clients to define the special trademark sound of each record, artist or label - and i am sure that my clients are really looking for that." If you have any questions about mastering & mixing processes or any other topics just leave him a message or make a call. 

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